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LEGO - Disney - Mulan's Training Day - 41151

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Product Description

Join Disney's Mulan on a Training Day with LEGO - Disney - Mulan's Training Day - 41151.


  • Mulan and Khan: The set includes a Mulan mini-doll figure and her trusty horse, Khan, to embark on training and adventure.

  • Family Temple: Explore the family temple, complete with a turning training dummy, a catapult for target practice, a serene tea ceremony area, and a beautiful cherry blossom tree.

  • Accessory Delights: Accessory elements include a sword, boulders for catapulting, a fan, a teapot, and a teacup, adding to the authenticity of Mulan's world.

  • Modular Design: Get creative by easily swapping and rearranging internal features such as the tea ceremony, catapult, and cherry blossom tree, allowing you to customize the set to your liking.

  • Mix and Match: Combine, swap, and integrate this model with other compatible LEGO - Disney sets to build your own unique dream creations.

  • Training Time: Use the catapult to take aim at the training dummy and use the turn function to make it spin, simulating Mulan's sword skills practice.

  • Tea Ceremony: Help Mulan perform a tea ceremony and cool down with the delightful fan, providing moments of serenity amidst her training.

  • Age-Appropriate: This toy is designed for ages 5-12, offering an ideal balance of building and play experiences.

  • Dimensions: The family temple stands over 4” (12cm) high, 2” (6cm) wide, and 2” (6cm) deep.

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