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LEGO - Games - Magikus - 3836

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Product Description

Introducing LEGO Magikus, a captivating addition to the LEGO Games collection! Immerse yourself in a world of magic and competition as you strive to cast the ultimate spell. With unique buildable LEGO Dice and changeable rules, Magikus offers endless fun for family and friends.


  • Magical Spell Casting: Race against your opponents to be the first to cast the magic spell in the cauldron. Use your skills and strategy to collect the four special ingredients from the shelves with the help of the wise owl.

  • Ingredient Stealing: Slow down your opponents and increase your chances of victory by stealing ingredients from them. Stay one step ahead and outsmart your rivals to claim the coveted prize.

  • Simple and Engaging: Magikus offers a straightforward gameplay experience that can be enjoyed by 2 to 4 players. The game is designed to be easy to learn, making it accessible to players of all ages. Gameplay typically lasts around 10-20 minutes, ensuring quick and exciting rounds.

  • Buildable LEGO Dice: Experience the thrill of rolling the buildable LEGO Dice, adding an interactive element to the gameplay. The dice enhance the unpredictability and excitement, making each turn a suspenseful moment.

  • Rule and Building Booklets: The game includes a comprehensive rule booklet that provides clear instructions and guidelines for gameplay. Additionally, the building instruction booklet guides you through the assembly of the game components, ensuring a smooth setup process.

  • Award-Winning Game: Magikus has been recognized with the prestigious iParenting Hot Toy Award, highlighting its exceptional quality and entertainment value.