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LEGO - Games - Meteor Strike - 3850

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Product Description

Introducing LEGO® Games, the world's first collection of games you build, play, and change. Join the excitement with LEGO - Meteor Strike - 3850, a thrilling game where you launch satellites, collect cosmic rocks, and engage in lunar missions with laser blasts. This fast-paced action game is designed for 2 players and guarantees hours of family fun and friendly competition.


  • Buildable LEGO Dice: Construct your own LEGO Dice, adding a unique twist to gameplay. Roll the dice to determine your actions and strategize your moves accordingly. The buildable dice enhances the immersive experience and adds an extra element of creativity to the game.

  • 5 LEGO Microfigures: This set includes 5 microfigures, each representing a character engaged in the cosmic mission. From astronauts to scientists, these microfigures bring the game to life and allow players to take on different roles as they navigate the meteor shower mayhem.

  • 182 LEGO Pieces: Unleash your building skills with 182 LEGO pieces, creating the lunar landscape, satellites, and obstacles. The pieces are versatile, allowing you to customize and modify the game setup to create your own unique challenges and strategies.

  • Rule Booklet: Refer to the rule booklet for clear instructions and guidelines on how to play Meteor Strike. Learn the game mechanics, understand the objectives, and discover the different strategies you can employ to outsmart your opponent and achieve victory.

  • Building Instruction Booklet: The building instruction booklet provides step-by-step guidance on assembling the game components. Follow the instructions to build the satellite launcher, lunar modules, and other elements necessary for gameplay.

  • For 2 Players: Meteor Strike is designed for 2 players, making it an ideal game for head-to-head battles and engaging competitions. Challenge a friend, family member, or fellow LEGO enthusiast to a thrilling showdown on the moon's surface.

  • Game Play Approximately 10-20 Minutes: Experience fast-paced gameplay with Meteor Strike. The game is designed to offer quick rounds, with each session lasting approximately 10 to 20 minutes. Enjoy multiple rounds in a single gaming session or play multiple sessions for extended fun.