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LEGO - Games - Monster 4 - 3837

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Product Description

Get ready for a spooky adventure in the graveyard with LEGO Monster 4! As night falls, the monsters and skeletons come alive. Your goal is to be the first to align four of your monsters in a row, but watch out for the jumping spider that can scare you off! This clever and exciting game is perfect for 2 to 4 players, offering approximately 15-25 minutes of thrilling gameplay.


  • Spooky Graveyard Setting: Immerse yourself in a haunted graveyard where monsters and skeletons roam. The eerie atmosphere sets the stage for an exciting and engaging gameplay experience.

  • Align Four Monsters: Strategize and plan your moves to be the first to align four of your monsters in a row. Use your wit and tactics to outmaneuver your opponents and secure victory in this challenging game.

  • Beware the Jumping Spider: The jumping spider adds an element of surprise and suspense to the game. It can jump in unexpectedly, scaring you off and disrupting your strategy. Stay alert and be prepared for unexpected twists!

  • Family-Friendly Fun: LEGO Monster 4 is designed for players aged 6 and above, making it a great game for family and friends to enjoy together. Gather around, unleash your competitive spirit, and have a blast with this engaging game.

  • Buildable LEGO Dice: Roll the unique buildable LEGO Dice to determine your moves. The dice adds an interactive element to the gameplay, adding an element of chance and excitement to each turn.

  • Changeable Rules: Like all LEGO Games, Monster 4 features changeable rules, allowing you to customize the game to your preferences. Experiment with different rule variations to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting.

  • Rule and Building Booklets: The game includes a rule booklet that provides clear instructions and guidelines for gameplay. Additionally, the building instruction booklet helps you assemble the game components quickly and easily.

  • Award-Winning Game: Monster 4 has been honored with the iParenting Hot Toy Award, recognizing its exceptional quality and entertainment value.