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LEGO - Games - Sunblock - 3852

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Product Description

Get ready to battle for the best spot on the beach with LEGO - Sunblock - 3852. This fun and competitive LEGO set allow you to build, strategize, and outsmart your opponents in a quest for the ultimate sunbathing spot. Dive into the summer fun and create unforgettable beach-themed adventures!


  • Beachy Landscape: Build a vibrant beach scene complete with sandy shores, palm trees, and a sparkling blue ocean. The set captures the essence of a perfect beach day, providing the backdrop for thrilling battles and sunny relaxation.

  • Miniature Builds: Enjoy building an array of miniature beach-themed structures, including beach umbrellas, sandcastles, coolers, and beach chairs. Each build adds a delightful touch to the overall scene and enhances the immersive experience.

  • Battle for the Best Spot: Engage in exciting battles as you compete with other players for the best spot on the beach. Strategize your moves, defend your territory, and strategize to claim the prime sunbathing location.

  • Playful Minifigures: Interact with a diverse cast of minifigures, each with unique beach attire and accessories. From sunbathers and surfers to beachgoers and lifeguards, these minifigures bring the beach to life and add depth to your playtime.

  • Expandable and Compatible: The LEGO - Sunblock - 3852 set is compatible with other LEGO sets, allowing you to expand your beach-themed world. Combine it with other beach or city sets to create a larger and more dynamic play area.

  • Premium LEGO Quality: Experience the renowned quality and durability of LEGO bricks. Each piece is made from high-quality materials, ensuring long-lasting playability and the ability to pass down your LEGO creations for generations to come.

  • Suitable for Builders and Collectors: Whether you're a LEGO enthusiast or a collector of unique LEGO sets, the LEGO - Sunblock - 3852 offers a rewarding building experience. Build and display your beach scene or engage in imaginative play with friends and family.

  • Perfect Gift: Surprise someone special with this delightful LEGO set. Ideal for birthdays, holidays, or any occasion, the LEGO - Sunblock - 3852 will bring joy and excitement to LEGO fans of all ages.