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LEGO - Games - The Hobbit an Unexpected Journey - 3920

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Product Description

Experience the enchanting world of Middle-earth with LEGO - The Hobbit an Unexpected Journey - 3920. This buildable and engaging twist on a memory game allows 2 to 4 players to embark on a quest to find the missing Dwarves in Hobbiton. With hints from Gandalf the Grey™ and Hobbits™, you'll need to use your memory skills and clever thinking to solve the puzzle. Transform the board during the game for added challenge and enjoy the ease of storage and quick setup for endless replayability.


  • Buildable LEGO Dice: The set includes buildable LEGO Dice that add a dynamic element to the game. Roll the dice and determine your moves as you search for the missing Dwarves.

  • LEGO Micro Figures: The set features four LEGO micro figures, including Gandalf the Grey, Kili the Dwarf, Fili the Dwarf, and Dwalin the Dwarf. These characters add authenticity and charm to the game as you join them on their quest.

  • 389 LEGO Pieces: With 389 LEGO pieces, you can construct the game board and bring the world of Hobbiton to life. Build the locations, create the atmosphere, and set the stage for your memory-solving adventure.

  • Rules Booklet: The included rules booklet provides clear instructions on how to play the game, helping you navigate through the challenges and enjoy the full gaming experience.

  • Building Instructions: Follow the step-by-step building instructions to construct the game board and set up the puzzle. Immerse yourself in the detailed LEGO world and prepare for a memorable adventure.

  • Memory and Strategy Gameplay: Test your memory skills and strategic thinking as you search for the missing Dwarves. Use the hints provided by Gandalf the Grey and the Hobbits to guide your search and outwit your opponents.

  • Transformable Board: The game board can be transformed during gameplay, adding an extra layer of challenge and excitement. Adapt to the changing board and enhance your memory skills to the maximum.

  • 2-4 Players: LEGO - The Hobbit an Unexpected Journey - 3920 is designed for 2 to 4 players, making it a perfect game for family gatherings, game nights, or friendly competitions. Team up or compete against each other as you immerse yourself in the world of The Hobbit.