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LEGO - Power Miners - Magma Mech - 8189

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Product Description

Lego has many themes for which several constructions sets are released. One of the themes is called Power Miners. For this theme, Lego created various larger action figures, with one of them being Magma Mech.

The Magma Mech features an arm made of titanium in shape of a scissor claw, which allows it to easily catch the Firax as well as all the others lava monsters. The scissor claw arm can cut through rock and enables you to cool it off with the spinning water jet whenever it gets too hot. However, you need to ensure you have enough water for it.

This LEGO figure also comes with one fire monster and mech walker. The entire set features an orange colored Firax lava monster along with one Power Miner minifigure. The figurine has a rotating hydroblaster, and its arm is not only extandable but also retractable, which helps with catching any lava monsters.

The Magma Mech figure was released in 2010 and comes with 183 pieces that you have to assemble.