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LEGO - Star Wars - Chewbacca - 75530

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Product Description

Introducing the LEGO - Star Wars - Chewbacca - 75530! Add the mighty Wookiee warrior Chewbacca to your LEGO Star Wars collection. Standing over 11 inches tall, this buildable figure is packed with details and features to bring the beloved character to life.


  • Highly posable Chewbacca figure: This Chewbacca figure is not only buildable but also highly posable, allowing you to create various dynamic battle poses and reenact thrilling Star Wars scenes.

  • Authentic design: Chewbacca features "fur" decoration, capturing the iconic Wookiee's appearance. The detailed head design adds to the character's realism and resemblance.

  • Removable ammo belt and bag: Customize Chewbacca's appearance by attaching or detaching the removable ammo belt and bag.

  • Bowcaster weapon with spring-loaded shooter: Arm Chewbacca with the powerful bowcaster weapon, equipped with a spring-loaded shooter for launching projectiles. Engage in exciting battles and take down enemies with precision.

  • Extra ammo included: The set includes extra ammo for the bowcaster, ensuring Chewbacca is always ready for action.

  • Sturdy and durable design: Built for intense action play, Chewbacca's figure features a sturdy and durable design that can withstand epic battles and rough play.

  • Play out epic Star Wars adventures: Use your imagination and play out epic adventures from the vast Star Wars universe. Join Chewbacca in heroic battles against iconic enemy characters and become a Wookiee warrior.

  • Impressive height: Standing over 11 inches (30cm) tall, Chewbacca is a substantial figure that will make a statement in your LEGO Star Wars display or during playtime.