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LEGO - The Lord of the Rings - Attack On Weathertop - 9472

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Product Description

Introducing LEGO - The Lord of the Rings - Attack On Weathertop - 9472! Join Aragorn, Frodo, Merry, and the Ringwraiths in an epic battle to protect The One Ring from falling into the wrong hands. This detailed LEGO set offers an immersive experience inspired by the iconic scene from The Lord of the Rings. 


  • Authentic Minifigures: The set includes 5 highly detailed mini-figures, including Aragorn, Frodo, Merry, and 2 menacing Ringwraiths. Each Minifigure captures the unique characteristics and essence of the characters from the beloved movie series.

  • Accessories: Enhance your playtime with an array of exciting accessories. The set comes with 2 new LEGO horses, 5 swords for intense combat, a torch to light up the darkness, and the all-important ring, a key element in the story's plot.

  • Weathertop Fortress Ruin: Immerse yourself in the atmospheric ruins of Weathertop. The fortress features a tree, adding a touch of realism to the scene. Engage in action-packed play with the flick missile function, allowing you to launch surprise attacks. Discover the hidden weapon rack to arm your characters for battle.

  • Interactive Elements: Let your imagination run wild as you explore the Weathertop fortress. Open it up to gain access to the interior and play out your favorite scenes from the movies. Defend Weathertop by firing the hidden flick missiles to keep the Ringwraiths at bay. Discover the secret trapdoor, adding an element of surprise to your adventures. Cook up meals with the fireplace, a cozy spot for your characters to gather and strategize.

  • Perfect Size: The Weathertop fortress measures 5" (13cm) high and 6" (16cm) wide, making it a compact yet substantial addition to your LEGO collection. Display it on your shelf or engage in thrilling playtime adventures with this manageable-sized set.