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LEGO - The Lord of the Rings - Gandalf Arrives - 9469

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Product Description

Join Gandalf the Grey as he embarks on a journey to the Shire to celebrate Bilbo Baggins' 111th birthday and relive the iconic opening scene of The Fellowship of the Ring! This LEGO set captures the magical moment when Gandalf encounters the young hobbit, Frodo Baggins, setting the stage for the legendary adventure to come.


  • Immerse yourself in Middle-earth: Recreate the iconic opening scene of The Fellowship of the Ring as Gandalf the Grey travels to the Shire to celebrate Bilbo Baggins' 111th birthday.

  • Two minifigures: The set includes minifigures of Gandalf the Grey, the wise and powerful wizard, and Frodo Baggins, the courageous young hobbit. Bring these beloved characters to life and relive their encounter.

  • Authentic details: The new LEGO horse captures the essence of Gandalf's trusted steed, ready to carry him on his journey. The horse features realistic design elements, such as saddle and reins, enhancing the play experience.

  • Accessory assortment: Enhance the storytelling possibilities with a variety of accessories. Gandalf carries his iconic staff, symbolizing his magical powers. Frodo has a backpack for his own adventures. Additional accessories include a book, allowing Gandalf to impart his wisdom, and a letter that adds intrigue to the story.

  • Horse cart for transportation: The set features a meticulously designed horse cart with functional wheels, allowing you to recreate the journey through the Shire. The cart provides ample space to store the accessories and creates a focal point for imaginative play.

  • Barrel of fireworks: Add an element of excitement and celebration to the scene with a barrel filled with colorful fireworks. Spark your creativity by imagining the joyous moments and magical displays that accompany Bilbo's birthday festivities.

  • Exclusive Gandalf the Grey Minifigure: This set includes a special edition Gandalf the Grey Minifigure that is exclusive to this LEGO set. A must-have for collectors and fans of The Lord of the Rings franchise.

  • Build and display: The cart and horse measure an impressive 6 inches (16cm) long, providing a satisfying building experience. Once completed, proudly display the set as a centerpiece, capturing the essence of the iconic opening scene.

  • Expand your adventure: Combine this set with other LEGO Lord of the Rings sets to expand your collection and recreate more scenes from the epic journey of Frodo and the Fellowship.