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LEGO - The Lord of the Rings - The Battle of Helm's Deep - 9474

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Product Description

Experience the thrilling assault on the walled fortress of Helm's Deep by the formidable Uruk-hai army. Join forces with Aragorn, Gimli, Haldir, King Théoden, and others as they strive to defend the stronghold against the relentless onslaught. 


  • Immerse yourself in the Battle of Helm's Deep with 8 minifigures: Aragorn, Gimli, Haldir, King Théoden, Berserker Uruk-hai, and 3 Uruk-hai, enabling you to recreate the intense conflict.

  • Arm your heroes with an array of weapons, including swords, a double-bladed axe, a single-bladed axe, a bow, a shield, a sword, and Uruk-hai weapons, providing a diverse arsenal for the battle.

  • Helm's Deep fortress showcases an outer ring, a tower with a horn, an opening main gate, an exploding wall, a side door attack function, and a catapult, ensuring an authentic and immersive battle setting.

  • Additional elements include a siege ladder, a bomb, and a horse, introducing strategic elements and expanding play possibilities.

  • Launch a surprise attack from the hidden door, catching the enemy off guard and gaining a crucial advantage.

  • Repel the enemy forces with the powerful catapult, fending off the relentless Uruk-hai assault.

  • Climb the tower and blow The Horn of Helm Hammerhand, rallying the defenders and summoning aid.

  • Create chaos among the enemy ranks by triggering the exploding wall, disrupting their advance.

  • Combine this set with 9471 Uruk-hai™ Army to bolster your forces and orchestrate even grander battles.

  • The fortress stands 6" (14cm) high and spans 20" (52cm) wide, providing a substantial and visually impressive structure for the battle.

  • The tower rises to a height of 9" (22cm) and extends 3" (9cm) wide, offering an elevated position for strategic planning.