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Magic: The Gathering - Aether Revolt - Planeswalker Deck - Tezzeret, Master of Metal

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Product Description

The Aether Revolt is a small game expansion for the Magic: The Gathering. This MTG game addition has only 2 premade decks. The one here, called Tezzeret, Master of Metal, is one of these. Tezzeret is a Master of Metal, a planeswalker, and his image is depicted on the deck's box.

The 2 decks in the Aether Revolt have 60 cards each. Besides the planeswalker card, this deck also contains 25 Lands, 20 Creatures, 1 Instant, 8 Artifacts, 3 Sorceries, and 2 Enchantments.

Furthermore, you'll also get 2 booster packs along with this deck. This is very helpful, as the game addition has 184 cards in total. Without the booster packs, it's nearly impossible to collect all the cards. The collector cards in this deck are the ones between numbers 190 and 194.

Tezzeret, Master of Metal Decklist:

Planeswalkers (1)

1x Tezzeret, Master of Metal

Creatures (20)

1x Ornithopter
2x Augmenting Automaton
1x Merchant's Dockhand
2x Dhund Operative
3x Tezzeret's Simulacrum
1x Dukhara Peafowl
1x Treasure Keeper
1x Quicksmith Spy
1x Foundry Assembler
2x Bastion Inventor
2x Wind-Kin Raiders
1x Ironclad Revolutionary
1x Barricade Breaker
1x Fen Hauler

Sorceries (3)

1x Reverse Engineer
2x Tezzeret's Betrayal

Instants (1)

1x Essence Extraction

Artifacts (8)

2x Universal Solvent
4x Pendulum of Patterns
2x Implement of Examination

Enchantments (2)

2x Tezzeret's Touch

Lands (25)

4x Submerged Boneyard
11x Island
10x Swamp