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Magic: The Gathering - Apocalypse - Theme Deck - Swoop

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Product Description

Apocalypse is an early game expansion for the Magic: The Gathering trading card game. Apocalypse was released back in  2001. As a game expansion, when compared to others, Apocalypse is a small one as it only has 143 cards with a black border.

This game addition has 4 theme decks. Swoop is one of these theme decks and its cards use the color green.

    Clearly, this theme deck has enough cards (60) to get you started with playing MTG in no time. In case you're wondering which cards are special, the Mystic Snake and Yavimaya's Embrace are the rare ones in this deck.

    Swoop Decklist:

    Creatures (22)

    2x Ana Disciple
    2x Coastal Drake
    3x Gaea's Skyfolk
    2x Glade Gnarr
    2x Jungle Barrier
    2x Kavu Chameleon
    2x Living Airship
    1x Mystic Snake
    1x Pincer Spider
    1x Rainbow Crow
    1x Rooting Kavu
    1x Tidal Visionary
    2x Urborg Elf

    Enchantments (4)

    2x Ceta Sanctuary
    1x Fertile Ground
    1x Yavimaya's Embrace

    Instants (4)

    1x Confound
    1x Jaded Response
    1x Repulse
    1x Rushing River

    Sorceries (6)

    2x Æther Mutation
    1x Lay of the Land
    2x Temporal Spring
    1x Wash Out

    Artifacts (2)

    2x Chromatic Sphere

    Lands (22)

    13x Forest
    9x Island