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Magic: The Gathering - Apocalypse - Theme Deck - Whirlpool

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Product Description

If you want to start playing Magic: The Gathering trading card game, the Whirlpool deck is as good as any. It features the minimum of 60 cards required for a challenge. While there are many players who prefer to construct their own decks, there is an equally large amount of players who prefer the already constructed decks.

Whirlpool is one of the preconstructed decks released as part of the 2001 game expansion called Apocalypse. Compared to other expansions for MTG, at just 143 cards, this is a small one.

Suffocating Blast and Whirlpool Warrior are the 2 rare cards in this deck. These cards are an Instant and a Creature, respectively.

Whirlpool Decklist:

Creatures (21)

2x Bloodfire Dwarf
2x Bloodfire Kavu
1x Coastal Drake
1x Dwarven Patrol
2x Faerie Squadron
1x Flametongue Kavu
1x Metathran Transport
2x Minotaur Illusionist
1x Rainbow Crow
2x Razorfin Hunter
2x Whirlpool Drake
3x Whirlpool Rider
1x Whirlpool Warrior

Enchantments (3)

1x Bloodfire Infusion
2x Quicksilver Dagger

Instants (10)

1x Confound
1x Exclude
1x Fire / Ice
2x Jilt
1x Opt
1x Scorching Lava
2x Stun
1x Suffocating Blast

Artifacts (2)

2x Chromatic Sphere

Lands (24)

12x Island
12x Mountain