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Magic: The Gathering - Avacyn Restored - Event Deck - Humanity's Vengeance

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Product Description

In the Magic: The Gathering, Event Decks are pre-made decks best suited for Standard tournaments. These decks contain 60 powerful cards and 15 additional sideboard cards.

The packages also contain an official MTG spindown die and a strategic manual with a guide for gameplay. Furthermore, players might also receive some insight into how the deck can be expanded or improved.

Here are the type of cards included in this deck:

  • 25 Creatures
  • 8 Instants
  • 3 Enchantments
  • 24 Land

    The aim of this TCG deck is to help the people of Innistrad  by killing enough zombies and making their home safer to reinhabit it.

    Humanity's Vengeance Decklist:


    Creatures (25)

    1x Blade Splicer
    4x Fiend Hunter
    4x Gideon's Lawkeeper
    1x Mirran Crusader
    3x Nearheath Pilgrim
    2x Nephalia Smuggler
    1x Phyrexian Metamorph
    4x Porcelain Legionnaire
    3x Tandem Lookout
    2x Wingcrafter

    Instants (8)

    2x Dismember
    1x Divine Deflection
    2x Mental Misstep
    3x Righteous Blow

    Enchantments (3)

    3x Oblivion Ring

    Lands (24)

    2x Glacial Fortress
    9x Island
    1x Moorland Haunt
    12x Plains

    Sideboard (15)

    3x Cathedral Sanctifier
    2x Cloudshift
    2x Inquisitor Exarch
    4x Mana Leak
    3x Negate
    1x Pacifism