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Magic: The Gathering - Betrayers of Kamigawa - Theme Deck - Spiritcraft

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Product Description

If you're already familiar with the Magic: The Gathering trading card game, but not with the Betrayers of Kamigawa expansion, now you have the chance to learn more about it! This set focuses on ninja, hence its Japanese name.  

Spiritcraft is one of the preconstructed theme decks with cards that use white and green as their color, though all 165 cards in the set have a black border. The rare cards in this deck are Kodama of the Center Tree and Oyobi, Who Split the Heavens, belonging to the Creatures type of cards.

Given that you get the basic 60 cards that you need for any challenge as well as a strategy insert, you can consider yourself ready to battle, even if you don't get the rules of the game.

Spiritcraft Decklist:

Creatures (23)

1x Budoka Pupil
2x Faithful Squire
2x Horizon Seed
1x Kami of Tattered Shoji
3x Kami of the Hunt
1x Kodama of the Center Tree
2x Lantern Kami
2x Loam Dweller
1x Orbweaver Kumo
1x Oyobi, Who Split the Heavens
2x Petalmane Baku
2x Scaled Hulk
1x Traproot Kami
2x Waxmane Baku

Instants (13)

2x Blessed Breath
2x Kodama's Might
1x Otherworldly Journey
1x Roar of Jukai
2x Unchecked Growth
2x Terashi's Verdict
2x Vital Surge
1x Wear Away

Lands (24)

14x Forest
10x Plains