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Magic: The Gathering - Challenger Deck - Arcane Tempo

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Product Description

Around 30 years since its release Magic: The Gathering, or MTG, is one of the oldest trading card games out there. 

This game has a huge base of players as its popularity grew fast. You can play the game either on or offline.

As far as MTG is concerned, this Challenger Deck comes in 4 versions and they allow players to jump right into Standard when they want to compete.

This deck has 60 main cards and an extra sideboard of 15 cards. Here you get the blue/red tempo deck, focused on Crackling Drake. 

A reference guide and the Spindown life counter are also included.

Arcane Tempo Decklist:

Creatures (13)

4x Goblin Electromancer
4x Crackling Drake
2x Murmuring Mystic
1x Arclight Phoenix
2x Niv-Mizzet, Parun

Sorceries (9)

4x Chart a Course
4x Lava Coil
1x Beacon Bolt

Instants (15)

4x Opt
4x Radical Idea
4x Shock
2x Dive Down
1x Blink of an Eye

Enchantments (1)

1x The Mirari Conjecture

Lands (22)

3x Sulfur Falls
4x Izzet Guildgate
8x Island
7x Mountain

Sideboard (15)

1x The Mirari Conjecture
1x Beacon Bolt
3x Negate
3x Entrancing Melody
3x Fiery Cannonade
2x Shivan Fire
2x Disdainful Stroke