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Magic: The Gathering - Challenger Deck - United Assault

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Product Description

About the Game

Since the Magic: The Gathering trading card was released, a series of additional cards followed suit. Players have around an hour to win one-on-one challenges. For this, they need to come up with strategies while following the game's rules. 

Due to the game's huge popularity, many pre-constructed decks have been created. These are meant to help out mostly new players, though those who already know the game also benefit from these decks. 

About this Product

This deck has 8 different creatures on 29 cards. This is probably the reason for which this specific deck was named "United Assault." 

The cards with Plains, representing Lands, are the 2nd most abundant in this deck. The deck contains a total of 75 cards and 60 of them are main cards. 

United Assault Decklist:

Creatures (29)

4x Dauntless Bodyguard
4x Healer's Hawk
4x Leonin Vanguard
4x Skymarcher Aspirant
4x Ajani's Pridemate
4x Adanto Vanguard
4x Benalish Marshal
1x Hunted Witness

Instants (3)

3x Pride of Conquerors

Enchantments (7)

3x Conclave Tribunal
2x Legion's Landing
2x History of Benalia

Lands (21)

21x Plains

Sideboard (15)

1x Conclave Tribunal
3x Baffling End
3x Knight of Grace
2x Tocatli Honor Guard
2x Make a Stand
1x Remorseful Cleric
3x Shield Mare