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Magic: The Gathering - Commander 2018 - Commander Deck - Adaptive Enchantment

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Product Description

About the Game

MTG, or Magic: The Gathering, is a very popular trading card game, but this could be due to how old it is. Its player base is spread across the world and it continues to grow. The number of cards printed and released is also increasing.

These aspects also point to a need for card sets that would help any player win their challenge with ease.  

About the Product

This pre-constructed EDH deck contains 100 cards. It was released in 2018 as a commander, and this is why it has a larger number of cards. 

The name of the deck and the high number of cards in it might sound intimidating. However, this doesn't mean the deck is designed only for experienced players. In fact, beginners might find it useful until they get used to the game's mechanics a bit more. 

Adaptive Enchantment Decklist:

Commander (1)

1x Estrid, the Masked

Creatures (25)

1x Kestia, the Cultivator
1x Tuvasa the Sunlit
1x Heavenly Blademaster
1x Nylea's Colossus
1x Ravenous Slime
1x Arixmethes, Slumbering Isle
1x Loyal Unicorn
1x Loyal Drake
1x Loyal Guardian
1x Bruna, Light of Alabaster
1x Eidolon of Blossoms
1x Hydra Omnivore
1x Ajani's Chosen
1x Celestial Archon
1x Silent Sentinel
1x Boon Satyr
1x Herald of the Pantheon
1x Cold-Eyed Selkie
1x Daxos of Meletis
1x Elderwood Scion
1x Archetype of Imagination
1x Whitewater Naiads
1x Aura Gnarlid
1x Reclamation Sage
1x Yavimaya Enchantress

Sorceries (7)

1x Martial Coup
1x Phyrexian Rebirth
1x Winds of Rath
1x Creeping Renaissance
1x Kruphix's Insight
1x Empyrial Storm
1x Genesis Storm

Instants (2)

1x Dismantling Blow
1x Bant Charm

Artifacts (1)

1x Sol Ring

Enchantments (25)

1x Sigil of the Empty Throne
1x Dictate of Kruphix
1x Bear Umbra
1x Enchantress's Presence
1x Epic Proportions
1x Ground Seal
1x Spawning Grounds
1x Finest Hour
1x Righteous Authority
1x Sage's Reverie
1x Soul Snare
1x Unquestioned Authority
1x Eel Umbra
1x Vow of Flight
1x Dawn's Reflection
1x Fertile Ground
1x Overgrowth
1x Snake Umbra
1x Vow of Wildness
1x Wild Growth
1x Unflinching Courage
1x Estrid's Invocation
1x Ever-Watching Threshold
1x Octopus Umbra
1x Myth Unbound

Lands (39)

9x Plains
6x Island
8x Forest
1x Azorius Chancery
1x Blossoming Sands
1x Command Tower
1x Evolving Wilds
1x Krosan Verge
1x Meandering River
1x Mosswort Bridge
1x Seaside Citadel
1x Selesnya Sanctuary
1x Simic Growth Chamber
1x Terramorphic Expanse
1x Thornwood Falls
1x Tranquil Cove
1x Tranquil Expanse
1x Woodland Stream
1x Forge of Heroes

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