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Magic: The Gathering - Core 2021 - Planeswalker Deck - Basri, Devoted Paladin

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Product Description

Preconstructed decks are very useful to both old and new players of the Magic: The Gathering. In 2020, the game received its 20th Magic Core Set of cards. Known shortly as M21, it comes in 5 planeswalker sets. These sets are different from other types of sets through the selection of the cards. 

In a planeswalker set, the cards were chosen from various other sets. However, the decks contain cards with a rarity of Mythic and Rare only from M21. The number of cards depicting Lands is 25 for all decks in M21. The remaining cards are 25 Creatures, 5 Instants, 2 Sorceries, and 2 Enchantments. 

The M21 set has a theme of cats VS dogs. Basri has 2 cards depicting cat creatures. The color assigned to this set is white. 

Basri, Devoted Paladin Decklist:

Planeswalkers (1)

1x Basri, Devoted Paladin

Creatures (25)

1x Basri's Lieutenant
1x Speaker of the Heavens
1x Perimeter Sergeant
3x Anointed Chorister
2x Aven Gagglemaster
3x Basri's Acolyte
4x Makeshift Battalion
3x Tempered Veteran
4x Adherent of Hope
3x Sigiled Contender

Enchantments (2)

2x Banishing Light

Instants (5)

3x Fight as One
2x Swift Response

Sorceries (2)

2x Basri's Aegis

Lands (25)

25x Plains