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Magic: The Gathering - Core 2021 - Planeswalker Deck - Chandra, Flame's Catalyst

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Product Description

If the name of the card depicting the planeswalker in this trading card deck doesn't give away the deck's color, we don't know what will. Speaking of the planeswalker, this is Chandra, Flame's Catalyst, and as such, the deck's color is red. 

Chandra is one of the 5 preconstructed planeswalker decks released for the M21 Magic: The Gathering expansion from 2020. M21 stands for Magic 2021. This game expansion has a theme of cats versus dogs, and the Chandra deck has only one card depicting a wolf-like creature. 

Other cards in this deck are 22 Creatures, 11 Instants, and 1 Enchantment. All the decks in M21 have 25 lands, each. All the lands in this deck represent mountains. 

Chandra, Flame's Catalyst Decklist:

Planeswalkers (1)

1x Chandra, Flame's Catalyst

Creatures (22)

1x Chandra's Incinerator
2x Chandra's Firemaw
2x Blisterspit Gremlin
2x Pyroceratops
3x Chandra's Pyreling
3x Heartfire Immolator
2x Spellgorger Weird
3x Keral Keep Disciples
4x Storm Caller

Enchantments (1)

1x Double Vision

Instants (11)

2x Slaying Fire
2x Infuriate
3x Shock
2x Unleash Fury
2x Sure Strike

Lands (25)

25x Mountain