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Magic: The Gathering - Core 2021 - Planeswalker Deck - Liliana, Death Mage

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Product Description

The Planeswalker Deck Core sets released in 2020 are focused on a single color each, as well as a planeswalker. This means there is a total of 5 planeswalker decks. Liliana is the black-colored deck. 

Liliana is the Death Mage and she hints at how dark this deck is. She comes accompanied by 24 Creatures, 7 Instants, 2 Sorceries, and 1 Enchantment. All the decks in M21 were assigned 25 Lands. The Lands in this deck are Swamps. 

If you only want to collect the cards, keep an eye open for these ones: Liliana, Death Mage, Liliana's Scorn, Liliana's Scrounger, and Spirit of Malevolence. Their numbers are 238 through 331. 

Liliana, Death Mage Decklist:

Planeswalkers (1)

1x Liliana, Death Mage

Creatures (24)

1x Liliana's Standard Bearer
3x Grim Physician
2x Bushmeat Poacher
3x Durable Coilbug
2x Lurking Deadeye
2x Goremand
4x Masked Blackguard
3x Liliana's Scrounger
4x Spirit of Malevolence

Sorceries (2)

2x Liliana's Scorn

Instants (7)

2x Unlikely Aid
2x Alchemist's Gift
3x Grasp of Darkness

Enchantments (1)

1x Demonic Embrace

Lands (25)

25x Swamp