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Magic: The Gathering - Core Set 2014 - Intro Pack (Theme Deck) - Fire Surge

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Product Description

Fire Surge is one of the five Intro Packs released for the 2014 Core Set of Magic: The Gathering trading card game.  Through the Intro decks, new players can learn how to play this game. Seasoned players have the option to get 112 brand-new cards to add to their collection.  43 cards are reprinted 

The Fire Surge deck uses blue and red as its colors. In this deck, you'll find 26 Lands, 18 Creatures, an Artifact, 8 Instants, 2 Enchantments, and 5 Sorceries. The card with Chandra's Phoenix can be seen on the front of the deck, giving the tone for the rest of the cards. 

Fire Surge Decklist:

Creatures (18)

1x Chandra's Phoenix
2x Dragon Hatchling
2x Fleshpulper Giant
3x Goblin Shortcutter
2x Nephalia Seakite
2x Phantom Warrior
3x Regathan Firecat
1x Shivan Dragon
2x Trained Condor

Artifacts (1)

1x Staff of the Flame Magus

Instants (8)

1x Chandra's Outrage
2x Disperse
1x Essence Scatter
1x Negate
2x Opportunity
1x Volcanic Geyser

Sorceries (5)

2x Flames of the Firebrand
3x Lava Axe

Enchantments (2)

2x Shiv's Embrace

Lands (26)

10x Island
16x Mountain