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Magic: The Gathering - Darksteel - Theme Deck - Transference

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Product Description

The Magic: The Gathering had its first small expansion back in 2004. Darksteel is the name of this game addition and it has 165 cards in total. The expansion has 4 preconstructed theme decks, each containing 60 cards.

Transference is one of these prebuilt decks, and its cards are:

  • Lands (23): 21 Islands and 2 Seat of the Synod
  • Creatures (30): 1 Arcbound Reclaimer, 2 Arcbound Crusher, 4 Arcbound Worker, 2 Arcbound Stinger, 2 Arcbound Hybrid, 1 Arcbound Fiend, 1 Voltaic Construct, 1 Arcbound Lancer, 1 Spire Golem, 2 Rust Elemental, 2 Arcbound Bruiser, 2 Vedalken Engineer, 3 Neurok Familiar, 1 Neurok Transmuter, 1 Spincrusher, 1 Dross Scorpion, 1 Juggernaut, 2 Cobalt Golem
  • Instants (2): Echoing Truth
  • Sorceries (1): Reshape
  • Artifacts (4): 1 Dragon Blood, 2 Skullclamp, 1 Ur-Golem's Eye

If you want to collect the cards rather than play the game, the cards you'll be interested in are Arcbound Reclaimer and Reshape.

The Transference deck uses a single color for its cards, and this color is blue.

Transference Decklist:

Creatures (30)

2x Arcbound Bruiser
2x Arcbound Crusher
1x Arcbound Fiend
2x Arcbound Hybrid
1x Arcbound Lancer
1x Arcbound Reclaimer
2x Arcbound Stinger
4x Arcbound Worker
2x Cobalt Golem
1x Dross Scorpion
1x Juggernaut
3x Neurok Familiar
1x Neurok Transmuter
2x Rust Elemental
1x Spincrusher
1x Spire Golem
2x Vedalken Engineer
1x Voltaic Construct

Instants (2)

2x Echoing Truth

Sorceries (1)

1x Reshape

Artifacts (4)

1x Dragon Blood
2x Skullclamp
1x Ur-Golem's Eye

Lands (23)

21x Island
2x Seat of the Synod