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Magic: The Gathering - Dissension - Theme Deck - Simic Mutology

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Product Description

The 2015 game expansion for Magic: The Gathering was called Dissension. This expansion has 160 cards and it has 3 prebuilt theme card decks. As you might expect, Simic Mutology is one of these decks, each containing 60 cards.

This deck focuses on bigger, weirder, and nastier monsters, and it's you who will create them. Perhaps your opponents will get scared and abandon the battle, thus you win.

This deck is a bi-color one. Its cards use either blue or green as card-frame. Make sure to look out for the random premium basic land card from Ravnica: City of Guilds included in this deck.

Simic Mutology Decklist:

Creatures (28)

2x Coiling Oracle
1x Drowned Rusalka
1x Experiment Kraj
2x Helium Squirter
1x Indrik Stomphowler
2x Plaxmanta
1x Protean Hulk
2x Silkwing Scout
2x Simic Basilisk
1x Simic Guildmage
3x Simic Initiate
2x Simic Ragworm
1x Starved Rusalka
2x Surveilling Sprite
2x Vigean Graftmage
3x Vigean Hydropon

Enchantments (4)

2x Shielding Plax
2x Stasis Cell

Instants (2)

2x Flash Foliage

Sorceries (2)

2x Thrive

Lands (24)

10x Forest
11x Island
1x Novijen, Heart of Progress
2x Simic Growth Chamber