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Magic: The Gathering - Dominaria - Planeswalker Deck - Chandra, Bold Pyromancer

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Product Description

In 2018, Magic: The Gathering received its 78th game expansion called Dominaria. Dominaria has only 2 decks, both centered around planeswalkers. Chandra, Bold Pyromancer, is one of these planeswalkers and gives her name to the deck it's part of. 

This Chandra trading card deck has 5 collectors' cards. The names of the cards are: 

  • Chandra, Bold Pyromancer (Mythic)
  • Chandra’s Outburst (Rare)
  • Karplusan Hound (Uncommon)
  • Pyromantic Pilgrim (Common)
  • Timber Gorge

The numbers of these cards are between 275 and 279, included. Timber Gorge is one of the 26 Land cards included. The art used for this card is reprinted. Green, red, and colorless, are the colors of this deck. 

Chandra, Bold Pyromancer Decklist:

Planeswalkers (1)

1x Chandra, Bold Pyromancer

Creatures (23)

2x Llanowar Elves
3x Fire Elemental
1x Marwyn, the Nurturer
1x Ghitu Chronicler
3x Elfhame Druid
4x Pyromantic Pilgrim
1x Krosan Druid
3x Karplusan Hound
1x Gaea's Protector
2x Baloth Gorger
1x Grunn, the Lonely King
1x Primordial Wurm

Sorceries (4)

2x Chandra's Outburst
1x Fight with Fire
1x Fiery Intervention

Instants (5)

2x Gift of Growth
1x Pierce the Sky
2x Shivan Fire

Artifacts (1)

1x Gilded Lotus

Lands (26)

11x Mountain
11x Forest
4x Timber Gorge