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Magic: The Gathering - Dragon's Maze - Intro Pack (Theme Deck) - Simic Domination

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Product Description

Getting to play Magic: The Gathering with the help of an intro deck is a great idea. Simic Domination was released along 4 other intro decks for the Dragon's Maze game expansion in 2013. 

These intro decks have 60 cards and come with 2 additional booster decks. Each deck also has game instructions and a strategy sheet. Simic Domination has blue and green as assigned colors. 

Through this deck, older players have the chance of learning more about the Simic Combine and the Return to Ravnica block. This is because the Dragon's Maze is the 3rd set from this block. 

Here's an overview of the types of cards the Simic Domination has: 5 Enchantments, 2 Sorceries, 22 Creatures, 26 lands, 2 Artifacts, and 3 Instants. 

Simic Domination Decklist:

Creatures (22)

1x Archweaver
2x Battering Krasis
2x Beetleform Mage
3x Centaur Courser
2x Cloudfin Raptor
1x Crocanura
1x Crowned Ceratok
2x Elusive Krasis
1x Gyre Sage
1x Murmuring Phantasm
2x Opal Lake Gatekeepers
1x Sapphire Drake
2x Species Gorger
1x Vorel of the Hull Clade

Instants (3)

1x Hindervines
2x Mutant's Prey

Sorceries (2)

1x Give // Take
1x Phytoburst

Enchantments (5)

2x Bred for the Hunt
1x Krasis Incubation
2x Runner's Bane

Artifacts (2)

2x Simic Cluestone

Lands (26)

10x Forest
12x Island
4x Simic Guildgate