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Magic: The Gathering - Eighth Edition - Theme Deck - Speed Scorch

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Product Description

Magic: The Gathering released 5 decks for its 10th anniversary, meaning in 2003. All of them use a single color and are part of the Core Set 8th Edition. The color chosen for Speed Scorch is red. 

If you wonder what are the cards chosen for this preconstructed deck, look no further than the list below. We'll tell you from the start that there are 40 cards included and we'll list them further on.

As you can see, your army is made of goblins, including their king, and this should count for something when seeing victory. And win you shall, should you follow the strategy sheet included in this deck. Of course, you can add more cards to the deck and create your own winning strategies. 

Speed Scorch Decklist:

Creatures (15)

1x Goblin Glider
1x Goblin King
4x Goblin Raider
4x Goblin Chariot
1x Mogg Sentry
4x Raging Goblin

Instants (4)

1x Enrage
1x Guerrilla Tactics
1x Lightning Blast
1x Shock

Sorceries (3)

1x Blaze
1x Demolish
1x Volcanic Hammer

Artifacts (1)

1x Fodder Cannon

Lands (17)

17x Mountain