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Magic: The Gathering - Eventide - Theme Deck - Battle Blitz

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Product Description

Knowing that a trading card game is nearly 30 years old and that it had close to 100 expansions, one has a hard time keeping track of each of them. Eventide is one of these expansions.

It features 5 prebuilt decks, each deck featuring 2 colors. For instance, Battle Blitz here uses the colors red and white. The deck's focus is Untap, a mechanic. You might wonder if and which are rare cards included. The answer to these questions is that there are 2 rare cards included: Balefire Liege and Hateflayer.

Those two cards represent creatures. It's easy to see you have 60 cards, therefore you won't have to worry about entering your first challenge with this deck. Below you can see the cards you'll find in the deck.

Battle Blitz Decklist:

Creatures (25)

1x Balefire Liege
2x Ballynock Cohort
2x Ballynock Trapper
2x Battlegate Mimic
2x Belligerent Hatchling
2x Duergar Assailant
3x Duergar Mine-Captain
1x Hatchet Bully
1x Hateflayer
3x Hearthfire Hobgoblin
2x Kithkin Spellduster
2x Outrage Shaman
1x Patrol Signaler
1x Safehold Sentry

Instants (6)

2x Niveous Wisps
2x Puncture Blast
2x Puncture Bolt

Enchantments (4)

2x Power of Fire
2x Scourge of the Nobilis

Artifacts (1)

1x Revelsong Horn

Lands (24)

13x Mountain
11x Plains