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Magic: The Gathering - Fifth Dawn - Theme Deck - Stampede

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Product Description

The Fifth Dawn game expansion from Magic: The Gathering was released in 2004 as the third set in the Mirrodin block. Despite its name, it doesn't feature 5 decks, but only 4. Three of them are bicolored and the last one features all 5 colors. 

Stampede is the name of the bicolored decks, and the colors used are indicated on the box: red and green. Lands and Creatures are abundant in this deck of 60 cards. These two card types feature 23 and 26 cards respectively.

You'll also get 6 instants, 1 Enchantment, and 4 Artifacts. The whole expansion relies quite a bit on artifacts, hence they're more abundant than in other expansions. 

Stampede Decklist:

Creatures (26)

1x Cosmic Larva
1x Eternal Witness
1x Fangren Hunter
2x Fangren Pathcutter
2x Goblin Brawler
1x Goblin Replica
1x Iron-Barb Hellion
1x Slith Firewalker
1x Spark Elemental
2x Spikeshot Goblin
2x Sylvok Explorer
1x Tangle Asp
1x Tel-Jilad Chosen
2x Tel-Jilad Exile
1x Tel-Jilad Lifebreather
2x Tyrranax
2x Viridian Lorebearers
1x Vulshok Berserker
1x Vulshok Sorcerer

Enchantment (1)

1x Rite of Passage

Instants (6)

1x Barbed Lightning
1x Ferocious Charge
1x Grab the Reins
1x Magma Jet
1x Rain of Rust
1x Tel-Jilad Justice

Artifacts (4)

1x Goblin Cannon
1x Pyrite Spellbomb
2x Talisman of Impulse

Lands (23)

11x Forest
12x Mountain

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