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Magic: The Gathering - Future Sight - Theme Deck - Fate Blaster

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Product Description

Even if the Future Sight is part of the Time Spiral block, one of the many Magic: The Gathering game expansions, we don't think it will tell you how your future will unfold. The Fate Blaster, however, will allow you to mold fate to your whims, at least in the game.

This premade deck is one of the four included in Future Sight. Among the 60 cards selected for this deck, two of them are very special. These are:

  • Random premium Time Spiral basic Land card
  • Random Pro Tour Player card

Should you get this deck, you pay attention to the reprinted Dandân and Uthden Troll cards. In fact, the way these cards have been reprinted is called "time-shifted."

Fate Blaster Decklist:

Creatures (22)

2x Aven Augur
2x Barbed Shocker
3x Blind Phantasm
1x Boldwyr Intimidator
3x Cryptic Annelid
1x Dandân
2x Emberwilde Augur
1x Magus of the Future
2x Sage of Epityr
2x Stingscourger
1x Uthden Troll
2x Vedalken Æthermage

Enchantments (3)

1x Fatal Attraction
1x Frozen Æther
1x Shapeshifter's Marrow

Instants (6)

2x Riddle of Lightning
2x Spin into Myth
2x Venser's Diffusion

Sorceries (4)

1x Foresee
2x Mystic Speculation
1x Shivan Meteor

Lands (25)

14x Island
11x Mountain