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Magic: The Gathering - Future Sight - Theme Deck - Future Shock

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Product Description

If you want to know what the future brings, no deck in the Magic: The Gathering trading card game will help, not even Future Shock. This deck is part of the Future Sight set. Additionally, Future Sight was released in 2007 as part of the Time Spiral expansion block.

These decks can only help you maybe foresee your success in the MTG game. One thing is for sure though: at the time of its release, this set contained 81 out of 180 total cards that were planned as parts of other decks that had yet to be released.

These cards are called future-shifted. Unfortunately, none of the cards in this deck were future-shifted or time-shifted. There are, however, 2 rare cards you might be interested in Baru, Fist of Krosa, and Quagnoth.

So, what will you get in the sealed Future Shock theme deck?

  • 60 cards
  • The Strategy Insert
  • A random Time Spiral basic land card
  • A random Pro Tour Player card

And how are the cards split? By their colors, which are red and green. Below, you can see the card breakdown, with card names and types.

Future Shock Decklist:

Creatures (25)

1x Baru, Fist of Krosa
2x Bloodshot Trainee
1x Boldwyr Intimidator
2x Centaur Omenreader
1x Fomori Nomad
3x Grinning Ignus
2x Imperiosaur
1x Nacatl War-Pride
3x Nessian Courser
1x Quagnoth
1x Skizzik Surger
1x Spellwild Ouphe
3x Sporoloth Ancient
3x Thornweald Archer

Enchantments (4)

1x Emblem of the Warmind
3x Flowstone Embrace

Instants (3)

3x Ghostfire

Sorceries (4)

3x Edge of Autumn
1x Phosphorescent Feast

Lands (24)

1x Dryad Arbor
14x Forest
9x Mountain

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