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Magic: The Gathering - Future Sight - Theme Deck - Rebels Unite

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Product Description

The Time Spiral block is one of the expansions for the Magic: The Gathering trading card game. This block has several parts, one of them being Future Sight which has a total of 180 cards. 81 of these cards were actually planned for other decks or expansions that at the time didn't exist yet.

Future Sight has 4 decks in total, Rebels Unite being one of these decks. These decks contain 60 cards. Two of them are rare: Angel of Salvation and Magus of the Abyss; and one of them is time-shifted: Defiant Vanguard. A time-shifted card is one that has been reprinted specifically for this block.

below is an overview of the type of cards in Rebels Unite, along with how many they are in each category.

Rebels Unite Decklist:

Creatures (26)

3x Amrou Seekers
1x Amrou Scout
1x Angel of Salvation
1x Aven Riftwatcher
1x Big Game Hunter
3x Blade of the Sixth Pride
1x Blightspeaker
1x Defiant Vanguard
2x Errant Doomsayers
1x Knight of the Holy Nimbus
1x Magus of the Abyss
2x Outrider en-Kor
2x Putrid Cyclops
2x Ramosian Revivalist
1x Riftmarked Knight
2x Samite Censer-Bearer
1x Zealot il-Vec

Enchantments (6)

2x Bound in Silence
3x Lumithread Field
1x Witch's Mist

Instants (4)

2x Dawn Charm
2x Return to Dust

Lands (24)

12x Plains
10x Swamp
2x Terramorphic Expanse