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Magic: The Gathering - Guildpact - Theme Deck - Izzet Gizmometry

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Product Description

Did you ever want to be a wizard? Well, the pre-built Izzet Gizmometry trading card deck from the Guildpact game arc will give you this opportunity. This deck gives you plenty of nasty instants and sorceries to defeat your enemies fast.

Guildpact was released in 2006 and since it has many magic-related cards, there are just a few creatures. There are 9 creatures in total:

  • 1 Gelectrode
  • 2 Izzet Chronarch
  • 1 Izzet Guildmage
  • 2 Petrahydrox
  • 1 Tibor and Lumia
  • 2 Wee Dragonauts

So, let's have a look at the remaining cards:

  • Lands (25)
  • Enchantments (2)
  • Instants (19)
  • Sorceries (5)

Blue and red are the colors chosen for this deck. This deck also contains 2 rare cards. These are Leyline of Lightning and Tibor and Lumia. The former is an Enchantment and the latter is a Creature.

Izzet Gizmometry Decklist:


Creatures (9)

1x Gelectrode
2x Izzet Chronarch
1x Izzet Guildmage
2x Petrahydrox
1x Tibor and Lumia
2x Wee Dragonauts

Enchantments (2)

1x Leyline of Lightning
1x Mark of Eviction

Instants (19)

2x Convolute
1x Electrolyze
2x Frazzle
2x Peel from Reality
3x Pyromatics
2x Repeal
1x Reroute
2x Runeboggle
2x Telling Time
2x Thunderheads

Sorceries (5)

1x Rain of Embers
3x Train of Thought
1x Vacuumelt

Lands (25)

12x Island
2x Izzet Boilerworks
10x Mountain
1x Nivix, Aerie of the Firemind