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Magic: The Gathering - Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths - Commander Deck - Arcane Maelstrom

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Product Description

The Game

Through the Magic: The Gathering, you can really test your abilities to strategize, use spells, and more, if you want to win a challenge against another player. 

Usually, the game is played 1:1, but the Commander format allows for multiple players to fight at once. 

Given that this game is nearly 3 decades old, it's understood that many cards have been printed. This allows players to develop many winning ways, depending on the cards they use. 

The Product

Arcane Maelstrom is a fierce Commander pre-made set. It counts 100 cards that will help you repay grudges with a vengeance. 

The Arcane Maelstrom belongs in the Ikoria Lair of Behemoths (IKO) game expansion, along with 4 other decks. This EDH deck is sure to lead you to victory. 

Arcane Maelstrom Decklist:

Commander (1)

1x Kalamax, the Stormsire

Planeswalkers (1)

1x Jace, Architect of Thought

Creatures (21)

1x Charmbreaker Devils
1x Crackling Drake
1x Djinn Illuminatus
1x Dualcaster Mage
1x Eon Frolicker
1x Etali, Primal Storm
1x Glademuse
1x Goblin Dark-Dwellers
1x Haldan, Avid Arcanist
1x Lunar Mystic
1x Melek, Izzet Paragon
1x Murmuring Mystic
1x Nascent Metamorph
1x Niblis of Frost
1x Pako, Arcane Retriever
1x Rashmi, Eternities Crafter
1x Ravenous Gigantotherium
1x Solemn Simulacrum
1x Talrand, Sky Summoner
1x Wort, the Raidmother
1x Xyris, the Writhing Storm

Instants (25)

1x Artifact Mutation
1x Channeled Force
1x Chaos Warp
1x Chemister's Insight
1x Clash of Titans
1x Comet Storm
1x Commune with Lava
1x Crop Rotation
1x Curious Herd
1x Decoy Gambit
1x Deflecting Swat
1x Evolution Charm
1x Frantic Search
1x Growth Spiral
1x Harrow
1x Hunter's Insight
1x Hunting Pack
1x Natural Connection
1x Prophetic Bolt
1x Slice in Twain
1x Starstorm
1x Strength of the Tajuru
1x Temur Charm
1x Tribute to the Wild
1x Whiplash Trap

Sorceries (1)

1x Surreal Memoir

Enchantments (6)

1x Predatory Impetus
1x Primal Empathy
1x Psychic Impetus
1x Shiny Impetus
1x Swarm Intelligence
1x Wilderness Reclamation

Artifacts (7)

1x Arcane Signet
1x Bonder's Ornament
1x Commander's Sphere
1x Lavabrink Floodgates
1x Lightning Greaves
1x Sol Ring
1x Twinning Staff

Lands (38)

1x Cinder Glade
1x Command Tower
1x Desolate Lighthouse
1x Exotic Orchard
1x Frontier Bivouac
1x Gruul Turf
1x Halimar Depths
1x Izzet Boilerworks
1x Kessig Wolf Run
1x Mossfire Valley
1x Mosswort Bridge
1x Myriad Landscape
1x Oran-Rief, the Vastwood
1x Rugged Highlands
1x Rupture Spire
1x Scavenger Grounds
1x Simic Growth Chamber
1x Swiftwater Cliffs
1x Thornwood Falls
1x Yavimaya Coast
5x Island
5x Mountain
8x Forest