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Magic: The Gathering - Invasion - Theme Deck - Spectrum

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Product Description

The Invasion block of Magic: The Gathering starts with the 21st game expansion called Invasion. This Magic expansion has 4 pre-built themed decks of cards, where 3 of them use just 2 colors and one uses all the colors. As the name suggests, this deck, Spectrum, is the one that has cards of all the colors used in MTG. 

Despite the deck using all the colors, the base one is green. Through a green card, the player can access the other colors to activate a variety of other actions and mechanics.  

There are 60 cards in this deck, and even though there are enough for you to win, you can easily alter it. By adding other cards, you gain more winning strategies besides the one that comes with the deck.

The cards in the deck are selected as follows:

  • Sorceries (6)
  • Instants (10)
  • Enchantments (4)
  • Creatures (18)
  • Lands (22)

Spectrum Decklist:


Creatures (18)

1x Halam Djinn
2x Kavu Climber
1x Nomadic Elf
2x Quirion Trailblazer
1x Sabertooth Nishoba
1x Serpentine Kavu
3x Thornscape Apprentice
2x Voracious Cobra
1x Wayfaring Giant
2x Yavimaya Barbarian
2x Zanam Djinn

Enchantments (4)

3x Fertile Ground
1x Fires of Yavimaya

Instants (10)

2x Assault // Battery
2x Exclude
3x Harrow
1x Spite // Malice
2x Wax // Wane

Sorceries (6)

1x Global Ruin
1x Ordered Migration
2x Probe
2x Tribal Flames

Lands (22)

2x Island
14x Forest
2x Mountain
2x Plains
2x Swamp