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Magic: The Gathering - Journey Into Nyx - Intro Pack (Theme Deck) - Fates Foreseen

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Product Description

The Journey Into Nyx is one of the expansions created for the Magic: The Gathering trading card game. Additionally, this expansion is the last of 3 parts in the Theros block. 

Journey Into Nyx was released as booster packs, each containing 16 cards. However, to make matters simple, players can get their hands on one of the 5 intro preconstructed decks. One of them is the one here, Fates Foreseen. 

This deck revolves around the Scry mechanic. Its colors are red and blue. You'll get 26 Lands, 18 Creatures, 4 Enchantments, 4 Instants, and 8 Sorceries. One of the cards, the Scourge of Fleets, one of the Creatures, has a holographic foil. 

The preconstructed intro decks come with 2 booster packs as well. 

Fates Foreseen Decklist:

Creatures (18)

1x Bladetusk Boar
1x Cloaked Siren
1x Crackling Triton
1x Cyclops of Eternal Fury
2x Flamespeaker Adept
1x Omenspeaker
2x Pensive Minotaur
1x Prescient Chimera
1x Prognostic Sphinx
1x Scourge of Fleets
2x Sigiled Skink
2x Sigiled Starfish
2x Stormcaller of Keranos

Enchantments (4)

1x Font of Fortunes
1x Font of Ire
2x Knowledge and Power

Instants (4)

1x Lost in a Labyrinth
1x Magma Spray
2x Riddle of Lightning

Sorceries (8)

2x Divination
1x Interpret the Signs
1x Pull from the Deep
1x Rage of Purphoros
2x Rise of Eagles
1x Spite of Mogis

Lands (26)

13x Island
13x Mountain