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Magic: The Gathering - Journey Into Nyx - Intro Pack (Theme Deck) - Pantheon's Power

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Product Description

If you just discovered the Magic: The Gathering game, then perhaps this intro preconstructed deck will help you on your Journey Into Nyx adventure. This is a game expansion from 2014.

The Pantheon's Power deck has 60 cards and it comes with 2 booster packs. The same can be said bout the other 4 decks in this game expansion. This specific deck has only 3 types of cards: Creatures (24), Lands (24), and Enchantments (10). 

The colors assigned to this deck are white and black. The Constellation mechanic is the main feature of this deck, as suggested by its name. The Doomwake Giant is the most special card in this deck for it has a holographic foil. 

Pantheon's Power Decklist:

Creatures (24)

2x Akroan Mastiff
1x Archetype of Courage
1x Archetype of Finality
1x Brain Maggot
1x Doomwake Giant
2x Dreadbringer Lampads
1x Eagle of the Watch
1x Fate Unraveler
2x Grim Guardian
2x Harvestguard Alseids
2x Nyx-Fleece Ram
2x Odunos River Trawler
1x Pharika's Chosen
1x Rotted Hulk
2x Thoughtrender Lamia
2x Underworld Coinsmith

Enchantments (10)

1x Armament of Nyx
1x Aspect of Gorgon
1x Banishing Light
1x Cast into Darkness
1x Font of Return
1x Font of Vigor
2x Nyx Infusion
2x Oppressive Rays

Lands (26)

11x Plains
15x Swamp