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Magic: The Gathering - Kaladesh - Planeswalker Deck - Nissa, Nature's Artisan

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Product Description

Kaladesh is both a Magic: The Gathering game expansion and one of the worlds in this game. As an expansion, it comes with 2 planeswalker decks, one of them being Nissa. Nissa is a Nature Artisan and her card uses the color green. Other cards in this deck are colored blue. 

Speaking of other cards, these are:

  • Lands (23)
  • Sorceries (5)
  • Creatures (27)
  • Instants (2)
  • Enchantments (2)

If you get this deck, you'll own all the cards you need for a challenge with another player. If on the other hand, you want to collect rare cards, you'll need these ones:

  • Nissa, Nature's Artisan (rarity: Mythic)
  • Verdant Crescendo (rarity: Rare)
  • Guardian of the Great Conduit (rarity: Uncommon)
  • Terrain Elemental (rarity: Common)
  • Woodland Stream (rarity: Common. This card is a reprint.)

Nissa, Nature's Artisan Decklist:

Planeswalkers (1)

1x Nissa, Nature's Artisan

Creatures (27)

2x Thriving Turtle
2x Longtusk Cub
1x Sage of Shaila's Claim
2x Servant of the Conduit
4x Terrain Elemental
2x Thriving Rhino
2x Janjeet Sentry
2x Empyreal Voyager
3x Guardian of the Great Conduit
1x Bristling Hydra
2x Long-Finned Skywhale
2x Arborback Stomper
1x Riparian Tiger
1x Aethersquall Ancient

Sorceries (5)

3x Attune with Aether
2x Verdant Crescendo

Instants (2)

2x Appetite for the Unnatural

Enchantments (2)

2x Malfunction

Lands (23)

4x Woodland Stream
11x Forest
8x Island