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Magic: The Gathering - Legions - Theme Deck - Morph Mayhem

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Product Description

Magic: The Gathering has many game expansions, given its long history. One of them is called Legions. Legions was released in 2003 and it is part of the Onslaught block.

Legions is made of 145 cards and it has 4 pre-built decks. Morph Mayhem is one of the bi-colored decks included in this expansion. The colors chosen for this deck are white and blue.

All the preconstructed decks have a couple of rare cards. The rare cards in Morph Mayhem are Chromeshell Crab and Weaver of Lies. Both of these cards are two of the 29 Creature cards. There's an extra special card included in this deck: a random Onslaught premium basic land card.

The deck has 60 cards. The remaining 31 cards belong in the following types:

  • Lands (26)
  • Instants (2)
  • Enchantments (3)

The decks comes with a strategy insert which will be very useful since this deck is rather special: when used "correctly" it causes mayhem to your opponents. For this, you need to always use the creatures with the morph face down.

Morph Mayhem Decklist:


Creatures (29)

2x Ascending Aven
1x Aven Redeemer
1x Chromeshell Crab
1x Daru Mender
1x Daru Lancer
2x Deftblade Elite
2x Echo Tracer
4x Glory Seeker
1x Imagecrafter
1x Ironfist Crusher
1x Liege of the Axe
1x Master of the Veil
1x Mistform Mutant
1x Swooping Talon
2x Voidmage Apprentice
1x Wall of Deceit
1x Weaver of Lies
1x Whipcorder
2x Willbender
2x Wingbeat Warrior

Instants (2)

1x Akroma's Blessing
1x Discombobulate

Enchantments (3)

1x Improvised Armor
2x Pacifism

Lands (26)

11x Island
11x Plains
2x Lonely Sandbar
2x Secluded Steppe