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Magic: The Gathering - Magic Origins - Intro Pack (Theme Deck) - Take to the Sky

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Product Description

Do you want to play Magic: The Gathering? Then perhaps you can give it a try with a preconstructed deck. One such deck you can get is the Take to the Sky shown here. This intro deck is part of the set of 5 intro decks released for the Magic origins game additions.

In this deck, you'll find a special card, the Alhammarret, High Arbiter. This card is special because it has an alternate art foil. Alhammarret is one of the 22 creatures selected for this deck. The other cards represent 25 Lands, 5 Instants, 6 Enchantments, and 2 Sorceries.

You don't need to already know how this game is played. The deck comes with a strategy sheet as well as a set of rules. These are useful, as rules have the tendency to change from one game expansion to another, though most of them are consistent.

Take to the Sky Decklist:

Creatures (22)

1x Alhammarret, High Arbiter
1x Aven Battle Priest
1x Soulblade Djinn
2x Charging Griffin
2x Nivix Barrier
2x Sigiled Starfish
2x Thunderclap Wyvern
2x Totem-Guide Hartebeest
2x Tower Geist
2x Watercourser
2x Yoked Ox
3x Faerie Miscreant

Instants (5)

1x Celestial Flare
1x Negate
1x Turn to Frog
2x Hydrolash

Sorceries (2)

2x Healing Hands

Enchantments (6)

1x Murder Investigation
1x Stratus Walk
2x Claustrophobia
2x Suppression Bonds

Lands (25)

1x Evolving Wilds
10x Plains
14x Island