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Magic: The Gathering - Ninth Edition - Theme Deck - Army of Justice

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Product Description

There might be some people who choose a deck to play Magic: The Gathering, based on the color of its cards. The Army of Justice trading card deck uses all white cards.

The Ninth Edition is comprised of 359 cards. They were sold as booster packs of 15 cards, a fat pack, 5 themed-decks, as well as a Core game. This game expansion was released in 2005.

You might already know that themed decks have random rare cards assigned to them. The rare cards in the Army of Justice are Glorious Anthem and Righteousness. In case you consider getting this deck, you might wonder what other items are included.

First of all, these are the types of cards included in the deck:

  • Lands (16)
  • Creatures (16)
  • Enchantments (3)
  • Instants (3)
  • Artifacts (2)

Army of Justice Decklist:

Creatures (16)

3x Angel of Mercy
1x Ballista Squad
3x Crossbow Infantry
1x Infantry Veteran
2x Master Decoy
1x Skyhunter Prowler
2x Suntail Hawk
1x Venerable Monk
2x Veteran Cavalier

Enchantments (3)

1x Glorious Anthem
2x Pacifism

Instants (3)

1x Chastise
1x Mending Hands
1x Righteousness

Artifacts (2)

1x Angel's Feather
1x Phyrexian Hulk

Lands (16)

16x Plains