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Magic: The Gathering - Ninth Edition - Theme Deck - Dead Again

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Product Description

Clearly, nobody wants to die, especially not twice or even multiple times. Luckily, for all of us, Dead Again is just the name of a trading card game from the Ninth Edition, an expansion of Magic: The Gathering, dating from 2005.

If you need all the resources you can get your hands on, then Dead Again will offer them to you. It will not use your life total, but that of your opponent, as well as your graveyard. All of this makes sense considering the color of this deck is black. However, to benefit from the advantages mentioned earlier, you need to follow a specific strategy, starting the game with certain cards.

These cards are the 2 Artifacts in this deck, Tanglebloom and Demon's Horn. The remaining cards belong to these categories:

  • Lands (17)
  • Creatures (15)
  • Enchantments (3)
  • Instants (1)
  • Sorceries (2)

This product comes with a strategy sheet specifically written for this deck.  

Dead Again Decklist:

Creatures (15)

1x Deathgazer
1x Drudge Skeletons
2x Foul Imp
2x Gravedigger
2x Highway Robber
1x Nekrataal
2x Hollow Dogs
1x Nightmare
1x Phyrexian Gargantua
2x Serpent Warrior

Enchantments (3)

1x Contaminated Bond
1x Underworld Dreams
1x Unholy Strength

Instants (1)

1x Dark Banishing

Sorceries (2)

1x Raise Dead
1x Consume Spirit

Artifacts (2)

1x Demon's Horn
1x Tanglebloom

Lands (17)

17x Swamp