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Magic: The Gathering - Ninth Edition - Theme Deck - Lofty Heights

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Product Description

Magic: The Gathering has many decks released over its almost 30 years of history. Lofty Heights is one of these decks. It's part of the Ninth Edition, one of the game's expansions. This deck has only 40 cards.

The color of this deck is blue, like the sky. There's only one explanation for this: the deck uses destructive magic and creatures that fly. These types of creatures cannot be defeated by those that cannot fly.

Additionally, the color blue also uses "countermagic," which stops the magic the opponent is throwing. A counter spell throws or sends the original spell to the graveyard. This means that the one who gets attacked will not receive any damage.

Two of the cards that represent creatures are rare. These rare cards are Archivist and Mahamoti Djinn. In total, there are 14 Creatures, 17 Lands (all of them being Islands), 2 Enchantments, 4 Instants, a Sorcery, and 2 Artifacts. 

Lofty Heights Decklist:

Creatures (14)

1x Archivist
1x Aven Fisher
1x Aven Windreader
1x Azure Drake
3x Horned Turtle
1x Mahamoti Djinn
1x Puppeteer
1x Storm Crow
1x Thieving Magpie
3x Wind Drake

Enchantments (2)

1x Confiscate
1x Telepathy

Instants (4)

2x Boomerang
1x Mana Leak
1x Remove Soul

Sorceries (1)

1x Sleight of Hand

Artifacts (2)

1x Kraken's Eye
1x Rod of Ruin

Lands (17)

17x Island

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