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Magic: The Gathering - Ninth Edition - Theme Deck - World Aflame

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Product Description

If you like playing with fire, perhaps the World Aflame trading card deck might interest you. This deck is a part of the Magic: The Gathering expansion known as the Ninth Edition. The color of the deck is red, resembling fire, and its magic is so destructive that nothing can stop it. The lands and creatures of the opponent will be blown up.

This deck has only 40 cards. Their focus is Lands and Sorceries, as these types of cards are most abundant, with 17 and 12 cards, respectively. All the Lands are in fact Mountains. If you wonder if you even have any creatures in this deck, then the answer is yes. However, there is a total of just 9 Creatures. Additionally, there are also 2 Artifacts.

Most preconstructed trading card decks contain at least one rare or special card. The rare cards in this deck are the Creature Magnivore and Wildfire, a Sorcery. Since these are rare cards, there's just a copy of each as opposed to most of the remaining ones.

World Aflame Decklist:

Creatures (9)

2x Anarchist
3x Balduvian Barbarians
3x Hill Giant
1x Magnivore

Sorceries (12)

1x Blaze
2x Demolish
2x Lava Axe
1x Panic Attack
2x Stone Rain
3x Volcanic Hammer
1x Wildfire

Artifacts (2)

1x Dancing Scimitar
1x Dragon's Claw

Lands (17)

17x Mountain