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Magic: The Gathering - Odyssey - Theme Deck - Pressure Cooker

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Product Description

If burning your opponent to a fine crisp makes you squirm, this isn't the deck for you. But if you love fiery destruction and mayhem, read on. The Pressure Cooker deck is designed to keep the playing field clear and finish your opponent off with both creature assaults and direct damage. The deck plays a little like a red burn deck, and though it's a bit slower, it compensates by including some larger mid-game creatures. Your plan is to hit your opponent with early creature damage. Then, later in the game, you can aim your direct damage cards like Morbid Hunger and Flame Burst at opposing creatures so yours can keep attacking - or you can aim them directly at your opponent's head.

Pressure Cooker Decklist:


Creatures (18)

2x Barbarian Lunatic
1x Braids, Cabal Minion
2x Chainflinger
2x Childhood Horror
1x Crypt Creeper
1x Dwarven Strike Force
1x Face of Fear
2x Famished Ghoul
1x Frightcrawler
1x Halberdier
3x Pardic Firecat
1x Repentant Vampire

Instants (8)

2x Engulfing Flames
3x Flame Burst
2x Ghastly Demise
1x Thermal Blast

Sorceries (8)

2x Firebolt
1x Innocent Blood
1x Liquid Fire
2x Morbid Hunger
1x Morgue Theft
1x Reckless Charge

Artifacts (2)

2x Shadowblood Egg

Lands (24)

9x Mountain
11x Swamp
1x Bog Wreckage
2x Cabal Pit
1x Ravaged Highlands

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