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Magic: The Gathering - Onslaught - Theme Deck - Bait and Switch

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Product Description

The game expansion Onslaught marks the introduction of the Onslaught block in Magic: The Gathering. This happened back in the year 2002. This specific expansion is a large one and it has 4 themed decks, with Bait and Switch being one of them. All of these decks were assigned just 2 colors. The colors on the Bait and Switch deck are blue and black.

This deck uses cards that can only work with a certain type of creature. Furthermore, some of the cards in this deck also allow you to change the creatures' types. What's even more exciting about this deck is that it allows you to win in many different ways. It all comes down to the number of times you play and the strategy you use.

There are 60 cards in this deck, though the expansion itself has 350 cards. It comes with 4 types of Land cards, for a total of 24. There's an equal number of Creatures, 9 total Instants, 2 Sorceries, and 1 Instant. The rare cards in the deck are the Endemic Plague and Peer Pressure, something nobody should deal with in a real-life scenario, and sometimes not even in a game.

Bait and Switch Decklist:

Creatures (24)

2x Boneknitter
2x Cabal Slaver
1x Fallen Cleric
1x Frightshroud Courier
4x Imagecrafter
1x Information Dealer
1x Ghosthelm Courier
3x Mistform Dreamer
1x Mistform Mutant
2x Mistform Shrieker
2x Mistform Stalker
4x Mistform Wall

Instants (9)

1x Feeding Frenzy
1x Ixidor's Will
1x Mage's Guile
1x Misery Charm
1x Smother
3x Swat
1x Trickery Charm

Sorceries (2)

1x Endemic Plague
1x Peer Pressure

Enchantments (1)

1x Crown of Suspicion

Lands (24)

11x Island
9x Swamp
2x Barren Moor
2x Lonely Sandbar