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Magic: The Gathering - Onslaught - Theme Deck - Celestial Assault

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Product Description

The white and blue mixed Celestial Attack deck provides 2 rare cards, Gustcloak Savior and Oblation. You can fight your competitors using Soldiers and abilities such as flying and combat tricks. You will also get spells that make it harder for your opponent to respond, and white cards that strengthen your defensive abilities.

Some of the beings in this deck can be used to attack while allowing you enough time to decide how you are going to respond to your opponent. It also gives you time to retreat if there is no better option.

The deck includes 2 cards that you can use to ensure you don't run out of gas. If you want, you can improve your deck with a few others cards, such as Aven Brigadier and Mobilization. While the first one improves your Birds and Soldiers, the second gives you the ability to release massive amounts of Soldier Tokens at the same time.

Celestial Assault Decklist:

Creatures (17)

2x Ascending Aven
2x Daru Cavalier
2x Dive Bomber
1x Gustcloak Harrier
2x Gustcloak Runner
1x Gustcloak Savior
1x Gustcloak Sentinel
1x Gustcloak Skirmisher
2x Ironfist Crusher
1x Pearlspear Courier
2x Screaming Seahawk

Instants (13)

1x Akroma's Blessing
1x Defensive Maneuvers
2x Inspirit
2x Mage's Guile
1x Meddle
1x Oblation
2x Piety Charm
1x Sunfire Balm
2x Unified Strike

Sorceries (3)

2x Airborne Aid
1x Essence Fracture

Enchantments (3)

1x Dispersing Orb
2x Sandskin

Lands (24)

10x Island
13x Plains
1x Seaside Haven