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Magic: The Gathering - Planeshift - Theme Deck - Barrage

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Product Description

In 2001, Magic The Gathering received its 22nd game expansion called Planeshift which had 4 premade decks. These decks have 60 cards each and those selected for Barrage are bi-colored with the chosen colors being red and green. 

Planeshift is a small expansion from the Invasion Block.  Just how small is this expansion, you ask? Planeshift only has 143 cards and all of them have a black border. Of course, Planeshift has some really special cards, however, these are not included in the Barrage deck. This deck does have 2 rare cards though. These are the Gaea's Herald and Mogg Sentry, both being Creatures.

The secret to winning with this deck is to act as if you're really strong and as fast as possible. Your attacks will have to take place at every chance you get, without letting your opponent see you coming. 

Barrage Decklist:

Creatures (27)

2x Alpha Kavu
1x Amphibious Kavu
1x Caldera Kavu
2x Flametongue Kavu
1x Gaea's Herald
2x Horned Kavu
1x Kavu Recluse
1x Llanowar Elite
2x Mogg Jailer
1x Mogg Sentry
2x Nomadic Elf
1x Root Greevil
1x Serpentine Kavu
2x Sparkcaster
1x Thornscape Apprentice
3x Thornscape Familiar
1x Thunderscape Apprentice
1x Thunderscape Battlemage
1x Thunderscape Familiar

Enchantments (3)

2x Fertile Ground
1x Fires of Yavimaya

Instants (6)

1x Assault // Battery
1x Explosive Growth
1x Magma Burst
1x Scorching Lava
1x Simoon
1x Singe

Sorceries (1)

1x Implode

Lands (23)

11x Mountain
12x Forest

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