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Magic: The Gathering - Planeshift - Theme Deck - Domain

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Product Description

The Planeshift expansion from the Magic The Gathering trading card game is a small one. Its 143 cards were released through booster packs and 4 themed decks, each containing 60 cards. All the older players of MTG know that rarely there's a colorless deck, as most of them have either one or two colors. Decks with three or all colors are less common.

"Domain" is one of the decks in the Planeshift expansion. Its uniqueness comes from 2 aspects, not just one. These aspects are:

  • There are cards of all 5 colors included
  • It has more Lands than Creatures and any other type of cards

Having more Lands in a deck can seem like a disadvantage, but it all comes down to how you strategize. Luckily, there's a strategy sheet included in this deck, though you can improve the winning method in time, the more you get used to the deck. 

Domain Decklist:

Creatures (15)

1x Kavu Recluse
2x Kavu Scout
1x Magnigoth Treefolk
1x Quirion Dryad
2x Quirion Explorer
2x Quirion Trailblazer
3x Samite Pilgrim
2x Stratadon
1x Wayfaring Giant

Enchantments (3)

2x Exotic Curse
1x Strength of Unity

Instants (9)

1x Confound
1x Gaea's Might
3x Harrow
1x Rith's Charm
1x Treva's Charm
2x Worldly Counsel

Sorceries (11)

2x Allied Strategies
1x Breath of Darigaaz
2x Exotic Disease
1x Ordered Migration
1x Primal Growth
3x Tribal Flames
1x Wandering Stream

Lands (22)

8x Forest
3x Island
3x Mountain
3x Plains
3x Swamp
2x Terminal Moraine